Who We Are

STEP Academy Trust currently consists of a group of thirteen academies that all work closely together with the aim of ensuring that each and every one of our pupils receives an outstanding education and is supported in their development towards becoming highly effective and successful members of society.

Below you will find some further information about STEP Academy Trust, including the moral purpose that binds us all together, information about the STEP Compass that supports us all in moving at pace towards our common targets and an outline of the key benefits that member schools have access to when they join our family of Academies.

The STEP Compass

As the name suggests, the STEP Compass serves to guide our Academy communities, both individually and collectively. By ensuring clarity of direction across the organisation, all stakeholders understand how they contribute to furthering the mission and vision of STEP Academy Trust.


The image is accompanied by a simple narrative:

At the heart of the organisation is the “STEP Mission, Vision and Values”. Everything derives from them. The four points of the STEP Compass extend out of our mission, vision and values.

Point 1. “STEP First”

Because the mission, vision and values are shared by all stakeholders, there is an acceptance that we are all one team, one family. All stakeholders must believe in STEP First.

Point 2. “STEP Way”

As a united team, it is right that we should agree to do certain things in a consistent way, the STEP Way. What goes into the STEP Way will be determined by a process of co-creation and review; however, once agreed, there is no opt-out.

 Point 3. “STEP Up”

Given that STEP is a family, all its members – Academies, groups and individuals – must be successful. STEP Up is the process by which “we all succeed together”, enabling additional support to be provided where it is needed.

Point 4. “STEP Ahead”

Individually and collectively, we must ensure one eye remains firmly fixed on the future, anticipating and preparing for our next stage of development.


Key Benefits for STEP Academies

Working in partnership, as part of STEP Academy Trust, has a number of key benefits including:

  • Rapid dissemination of best-practice across the group – sharing of policies, procedures etc.
  • Excellent professional development opportunities, which support the recruitment and retention of staff.
  • Sharing of teachers, expertise and best practice.
  • Access to high quality, shared services e.g. catering, premises, finance and ICT.
  • Innovative staffing arrangements – for example, staff working across more than one STEP Academy.
  • Training days in common, facilitating high quality CPD.
  • Economies of scale – STEP Academy Trust can procure “value for money” services for all its Academies.

Our Identity

A key principle of STEP Academy Trust is that member Academies maintain their own character. Indeed the STEP logo (created by NGI) is designed to reflect this. The bands, rising in steps, symbolise the Academies within the Trust. Although independent, by working in partnership the STEP Academies will be able to reach heights which would not be possible on their own.


Initially, when a new partner joins, intensive support will be provided by existing members. For example, some teaching staff may transfer to quickly raise standards of achievement. Following intensive support, there will be a period of consolidation before capacity is once again increased. This cycle will allow STEP Academy Trust to become a growing, mutually supportive, collaboration of Academies.