Striving Together for Excellence in Partnership


STEP Into East Sussex

Over the past five years, STEP Academy Trust has established a strong partnership of seven academies covering three local authorities in South London. Driven by the Trust’s mission – to improve the life chances of all children, where we have the capacity to make a difference – the Board of Trustees has recently committed to…

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Applegarth Academy pupils challenge the depiction of children by charities

As a UNICEF Rights Respecting School, the pupils of Applegarth Academy felt compelled to question the way children are frequently portrayed by charities. Noting the right of every child to be treated with dignity, they wrote to a number of charities expressing their concern over the depiction of children in advertising campaigns. STEP Academy Trust…

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Successful opening of Heathfield Academy

Finally, after navigating many obstacles, Heathfield Academy opened for business. STEP’s seventh partner, opened on it’s temporary site—Robert Fitzroy Academy. The school, part of REAch2 Academy Trust, has very kindly agreed to accommodate Heathfield in its first year of operation, whilst its permanent home is being built. Mrs O’Keefe and Mrs Atkinson (Joint Head Teachers) and their team…

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