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Gonville Academy judged “good” by Ofsted

Under a new more rigorous Ofsted framework, Gonville Academy was judged to be a “good” school. Graded “good” in all areas, apart from behaviour and safety which was considered “outstanding”, the report is very complimentary about the quality of education offered at the Academy.

It is, however, notable that the framework does not take account of how schools support others. Indeed, Ofsted measures partnerships only in terms of what schools receive rather than what they give. Gonville is currently making representation to the Secretary of State for Education and the Schools Commissioner about the apparent conflict between a key Government policy – that outstanding educational providers should support vulnerable schools – and Ofsted guidelines which do not acknowledge or account for such work. Having worked so successfully in partnership with David Livingstone Academy and Applegarth Junior School, The STEP Academy Trust is concerned that this extraordinary work has not been recognised by Ofsted.

Gonville Academy Ofsted Report, June 2012

Croydon Advertiser Article, Tuesday 24th July 2012