Potential new partnership between STEP and Wolsey Junior School

WolseyFollowing an invitation by the Governing Body of Wolsey Junior School, the directors of the Trust have entered into discussions about a possible partnership arrangement with the school. Earlier this term, Wolsey was placed in “Special Measures” by Ofsted. The Department for Education has indicated that it supports, in principle, the idea of STEP acting as sponsor for Wolsey Junior School, because of the Trust’s strong record of school improvement.

As well as fitting the mission and vision of The STEP Academy Trust, a partnership with Wolsey Junior School would enable Applegarth School, which joins STEP in April, to collaborate and share staff in much the same way as David Livingstone and Gonville. However, whilst there are many obvious benefits of entering into a supportive partnership with Wolsey Junior School, existing members are assured that the relentless drive to raise standards across our Trust will not be negatively affected. Indeed, STEP requires that all future partnerships enhance our efforts to improve the education we offer all our children.

Croydon Advertiser Article, Friday 8th March 2013