Reported “exodus” of teachers at Wolsey Junior School

The STEP Academy Trust was disappointed by recent reports in local and national newspapers regarding staff changes at Wolsey Junior School. In response, the directors have highlighted the following facts for the record:

  • Wolsey Junior School was put into special measures in February of this year, following an Ofsted Inspection that found the children were not receiving the standard of education that they should.
  • The STEP Academy Trust was pleased to have the opportunity to sponsor Wolsey Junior School and to help deliver the rapid improvement in standards that the children at Wolsey need. This followed a consultation exercise which showed that this enjoyed parent and community support.
  • Some members of the existing staff team decided they did not want to be part of this improvement programme and felt it was time to move on. Contrary to some press reports, no resignation letter cited unreasonable expectations as a contributing factor to their decision.
  • Whilst this is disappointing, it is not completely unprecedented that staff move on with a change of leadership, and it does provide an opportunity to transform the quality of teaching and learning by recruiting a new team.
  • This recruitment is now complete and Wolsey Junior School will be fully staffed for the start of the new academic year, and with a high quality team.