Consultation to Merge Wolsey Infants and Wolsey Junior Academy

Hopefully you will be aware of all the work that has already gone into bringing the infant and junior schools together.

During the summer, we knocked down the dividing wall that ran through the dining hall and physically separated the two schools. Then, in September, we started the academic year with a joint leadership team and staffing structure.

Since then we have been operating as if we were one school, however we are now looking to finalise this transition by formally merging the two schools to form Tudor Primary Academy.

Full details are in our consultation leaflet, which you can access here. We would love to hear your views on this, which can be given using the online questionnaire or on a hard copy of the leaflet which will be going out to parents/carers this week.

If you have any questions, we are also holding a number of drop in sessions (see the leaflet for times and dates).

Claire Majumdar
Headteacher of Wolsey Infants and Wolsey Junior Academy