Striving Together for Excellence in Partnership

Welcome to STEP Academy Trust’s Performance pages. We are excited to have secured another year of amazing outcomes for our young people across STEP. As an Academy Trust we are morally bound to ensure that we work together to develop an education that enables our learners from a range of challenging contexts to fulfil and exceed their potential.

STEP Academy Trust KS2 Outcomes – Our Best Year Yet!

KS2 Combined 2016
Part of STEP ≥2 Years
KS2 Combined 2017
Part of STEP ≥2 Years
KS2 Combined 2018
Part of STEP ≥2 Years

The KS2 combined score is defined as children who have achieved the expected standard or above in reading, writing and mathematics by the end of Key Stage 2.

STEP Academies are a network of learning communities where the successes of one community support and challenge what is possible in many others. We are committed to working together to seek out ways to strive for and achieve the best outcomes for every child. An outstanding education at STEP Academy Trust leads to future success. Our STEP Academicians have demonstrated the passion and commitment it takes to learn deeply and reach the high standards set. However, these results are not the end of their journey of success.

For yet another year, STEP Academy Trust KS2 Outcomes are significantly above the national average (NA).

78%* of our pupils across STEP Academy Trust met the expected standard in Key Stage 2 in reading, writing and maths. This year, our KS2 Combined outcomes are 16% above 2017 outcomes, and significantly above the NA (64%). Our pupils have continued to succeed, with so many pupils attaining 14% above the national average in our longest running academies (2-7yrs).

"This year’s outcomes mark a significant turning point for the Trust. On all Primary headline measures, our results highlight that year on year we all work to ensure pupils from early years to year 6 receive an outstanding education. We are all proud of the work of all STEP staff and pupils. We know that without the support of them and the families of our pupils none of this would be possible. #oneteam" - Mark Ducker (OBE), CEO of STEP Academy Trust

KS2 Outcomes: Outstanding results across STEP Academy

So many of our academies secured excellent results that were significantly above the national average at expected and better than expected standard.


"Our pursuit for the highest outcomes does not stop at expected standards we know how important it is for all pupils to become masters of their learning and reach greater depth, better than expected standards"  -  Jennese Alozie Director of Effectiveness and Performance

"STEP’s mission, vision and values has meant that our most disadvantaged pupils perform exceptionally well and thrive within academies that ensure their educational experience develops them as individuals through a well-balanced, rich and engaging curriculum. Their outcomes have remained high, year on year"  - John Halliwell Director of Leadership development

**80-84% of our pupils across the Trust have met the expected standard at KS1 in reading, writing and maths. This means that for the 3rd yr running KS1 results have remained significantly above NA for academies with us between 2-7yrs. So not only are pupils having a great start at early years but this continues as they move up the school.

Since 2016 our results have increased by over 25%. STEP Academy Trust are ensuring, once again, that the most disadvantaged pupils are securing outstanding results.

"STEP academies have the highest academic expectations of pupils and focus on exceptional teaching and learning within our classrooms.  It is the development of high-quality teachers delivering exceptional curricula that is the Trust’s focus.  It is through this approach that we are able to ensure our academicians have such academic success and are so well-prepared for their educational futures."  - Tim Mills Director of Teaching and Learning

Early Years provision across STEP Academy Trust, for the past 3 yrs has remained significantly above the NA. This demonstrates our ability to develop and sustain outstanding early years outcomes, GLD.

"We are confident that all our pupils are well prepared for the next stage of their education!"  - Paul Glover DCEO of STEP Academy Trust