Striving Together for Excellence in Partnership

Welcome to STEP Academy Trust’s Performance pages. We are excited to have secured another year of amazing outcomes for our young people across STEP. As an Academy Trust we are morally bound to ensure that we work together to develop an education that enables our learners from a range of challenging contexts to fulfil and exceed their potential.

KS2 Combined 2016
Part of STEP ≥2 years
KS2 Combined 2017
Part of STEP ≥2 years


The KS2 combined score is defined as children who have achieved the expected standard or above in reading, writing and mathematics by the end of Key Stage 2.

 STEP Academies are a network of learning communities where the successes of one community support and challenge what is possible in many others. We are committed to working together to seek out ways to strive for and achieve the best outcomes for every child. An outstanding education at STEP Academy Trust leads to future success. Our STEP Academicians have demonstrated the passion and commitment it takes to learn deeply and reach the high standards set. However, these results are not the end of their journey of success.

Against all National outcome measures, STEP Academy Trust has secured results above and well above national averages.

STEP Academy Trust has been able to successfully secure significant improvements in the outcomes for young people who are educated within our MAT. This rising trend is set to continue to be higher than other MATs nationally.

STEP Academy Trust are proud to celebrate our most improved academies.

Academy Current Rating
Angel Oak Outstanding (2017)
Applegarth Good (2015)
Breakwater Due 2019
Burfield Due 2018
David Livingstone RI (2017)
Gonville Good (2017)
Hawkes Farm Due 2019
Heathfield Due 2018
High Cliff Due 2018
La Fontaine Good (2017)
Phoenix Due 2020
White House Due 2020
Wolsey Junior RI (2017)