Striving Together for Excellence in Partnership

As the name suggests, the STEP Compass serves to guide our Academy communities, both individually and collectively. By ensuring clarity of direction across our organisation, all stakeholders understand how they contribute to furthering the Mission and Vision of STEP Academy Trust.

At the heart of our organisation are the Mission, Vision and Values - everything derives from them. The Compass is, in effect, our Trust's strategic development plan.

STEP Standard


We strive together for excellence in partnership

Excellence is defined through the STEP Standard, so that there is clarity about what must be achieved.

STEP First


We are all one team

The Mission, Vision and Values are shared by all stakeholders. As a result, there is an acceptance that we are all one team, one family. All stakeholders must believe in STEP First.



We agree to do things like this

As a united team, it is right that we should agree to do certain things in a consistent way, the STEP Way.
The approaches which constitute the STEP Way are determined by a process of co-creation and review. Once in the STEP Way, there is no opt-out.



We all succeed together

Given that STEP is a family, all of our members: Academies, teams and individuals, strive to be successful.
STEP Up is the process by which we all succeed together, enabling additional support to be targeted according to identified need.

STEP Ahead


We invest in our future

Individually and collectively, we must ensure one eye remains firmly fixed on the future, anticipating and preparing for our next stage of development. This commitment requires a strong focus on CPD and strategic planning.