Striving Together for Excellence in Partnership

STEP Governance


Effective governance is of paramount importance in ensuring that we remain focussed on our Mission, Vision and Values. To ensure that these are embedded at all levels, we operate under the following structure:

Minutes and Register of Interests

Membership List


STEP Academy Trust is governed by:

  • Members – guardians of STEP Academy Trust, their role is similar to that of shareholders of a limited company
  • Trustees – appointed by Trustees to oversee the business of STEP, agreeing the overarching strategic direction and ensuring robust governance
  • Executive Team – manage the day to day business of the Trust in line with policies approved by Trustees
  • Academy Committees – provide support to Academy Leadership Teams as the Academy implements policies and improvement plan priorities
  • Academy Leadership Team – manage the day to day business of an individual academy under the oversight of the Executive Team with challenge and support from the Academy Committee

STEP Governors

“STEP First” is the notion that, first and foremost, everyone is committed to being part of STEP Academy Trust.  All governors must be fully aligned to the Trust’s Mission, Vision and Values.  Although serving one or more particular Academies, governors are members of the wider STEP team.  We are all one team, in one organisation, working towards the same goal:  to be outstanding in all we do – STEP First!