Striving Together for Excellence in Partnership

Successful opening of Heathfield Academy

Heathfield 1- reducedFinally, after navigating many obstacles, Heathfield Academy opened for business. STEP’s seventh partner, opened on it’s temporary site—Robert Fitzroy Academy. The school, part of REAch2 Academy Trust, has very kindly agreed to accommodate Heathfield in its first year of operation, whilst its permanent home is being built.

Mrs O’Keefe and Mrs Atkinson (Joint Head Teachers) and their team have worked tirelessly to ensure Heathfield Academy opened successfully. Our thanks go to them. However, it is the parents and, of course, the children of Heathfield Academy who have made this first half term so special. Having taken the “leap of faith” to join a school that did not previously exist, their energy and enthusiasm for STEP’s latest partner, has been remarkable.