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Reasons to Collaborate with STEP

Part of our Mission includes a requirement – as we see it – to support schools and Trusts outside of STEP.

We believe the Education system is best served by individuals and organisations that desire and respect collaboration.

To that end, please do get in touch if you would like assistance in any of the following:

Exploring How STEP Runs for Primary Schools Currently Looking at Joining a Trust

There are many different ways for an Academy Trust to operate, and some are proving more successful than others. Our approach within STEP is to ensure we keep the Mission, Vision and Values of the Trust at the heart of our decision making. For more information about how we do this, please consider the STEP Compass summary.

If you are investigating options for your setting, we would be very happy to assist your review. You are welcome to visit any of our academies, or indeed have a meeting with members of our Executive Team.

Schools Looking for NLE and/or School to School Support

STEP is privileged to have a number of NLEs within the Trust, and whilst they have a full schedule, it will always be possible to have a conversation about specific support that you may require.

Teaching School

The STEP Ahead Teaching School Hub exists to support schools in Brighton & Hove and East Sussex by providing the highest quality development opportunities to teachers and leaders. The expert team of teacher educators is committed to this work, and passionately believes that teacher development is the best and most sustainable way to drive up standards in our schools; and ultimately improve the educational outcomes and life chances of the pupils we serve.

With nationally recognised CPD programmes available to you - including the Early Career Framework (ECF) and the National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) – the Teaching School is set up to support teachers through every stage of their career. Please visit the website for further information.

Business Advice

Whether your setting is a single school, growing Trust or one that has reached a sustainable size, challenges to finance and operations persist. We are very happy to discuss our approaches with you in relation to all aspects of running the business side of an education setting, whether this be through a formal engagement or informal idea sharing.