What our Staff Say


I love my job as a kitchen assistant, best 4 years of my life and wouldn’t change it for the world


I always feel like I can contribute and share my ideas


The support from colleagues gives me confidence to address any issues


I feel very valued as an employee. I have experienced my own personal issues and was very much supported by my SLT team.


I have been offered courses to support my career development, including the Elklan course and SEND champion network.


Every day is a different day, without the people in the work place it wouldn't be the same.  Making a difference is important, also to keep it fun helps.


We have an amazing team and I always feel supported and lifted by them.


We have Pupil Parliament and always involve the children and listen to their views.


STEP offers an inclusive and equality-based curriculum as we aim to become an anti-racist organisation.


STEP is committed to equality which can be seen through the STEP priorities, the anti-racism roadmap and ongoing CPD for leaders and staff


SLT encourage staff to take care of our well-being. There are many things implemented to support us with workload and maintaining a work/life balance.


I have never before worked in an institution that takes care of its staff as STEP do.


As an ECT, I  have regular observations which help me to improve my practice.  Additionally, I get the opportunity to go to other classrooms to observe and see other colleagues teach which provides me with ideas on how to deliver lessons and use different tactics for behaviour.


All staff are a cohesive team, working together to improve and help each others' practise.


We are thanked regularly for all of our efforts by SLT and class teachers.


Every day my job faces new challenges, but if I need additional help I feel confident to ask colleagues.


STEP provide an excellent diet of CPD to enhance my pedagogical knowledge.


I have worked at the school for many years and live in the local community. It means a lot to me to serve the local community that has changed so much over the years. The demographics of the locality and families that we serve now present many issues for our children and it means a lot to me to work alongside colleagues in providing children with a high quality education and safe environment.