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The STEP Compass

Throughout the course of a day, and certainly over a school year, many decisions need to be made and they will all have an impact on the life chances of children. To ensure we make the best decisions possible, the STEP Compass guides all within the Trust. How do we use the Compass?

Mission, Vision and Values

As the heart of the Compass is the Mission, Vision and Values of STEP. This means that each decision and action we take is rooted in why we exist and what we aim to achieve.

STEP First

We are all one team. Although we are very different within STEP, our differences are our strength. We know we will achieve more, and achieve it quicker, when we work together as one team.


We agree to do things like this. Consistency of expectation is vital for STEP. We have found that true consistency is best made possible through collaboration.


We all succeed together. We understand that each of our communities face different challenges. We also appreciate that often the answer to one challenge is available in another part of the Trust and so we support each other at every opportunity.

STEP Ahead

We invest in our future. By not being content with the status quo, we dare to be different and we work hard to ensure the resources we have are focused on improving the life chances of children over the long term

STEP Standard

We strive together for excellence in partnership. The very name of the Trust is embedded in the Standard we are aiming for – and we look to achieve excellence in everything we do.