Striving Together for Excellence in Partnership

Turnham hosts Horniman

As one of the biggest primary schools in Lewisham, Turnham Academy were asked by the local authority to provide emergency support for another local school in need of help. Horniman Primary School in Forest Hill had unfortunately experienced extreme water damage and were unable to use their building for 2 days.  Turnham agreed to welcome the staff and children at Horniman and arrangements were made to ensure that the children and staff at both schools had as little disruption as possible.  Athough separated throughout the school day, there were planned opportunities for children from both schools to meet, share school experience and talk about their learning.    By assisting Horniman Primary School, we are fulfilling STEP’s mission by ensuring that the life chances of all children are improved.  We had the capacity to make a difference and we were morally bound to do so in this instance. #STEP Up